Tips for Sneaking Alcohol Onto A Cruise in Your Luggage

Picture of a bag under a typical X-Ray machine. Notice the organic materials and plastics show orange in the scanner.
How to get your alcohol on a cruise ship!

Over the decades people have tried many ways to sneak alcohol onto cruise ships. Unfortunately none of these is full proof, and cruise lines are increasingly catching on to these tricks. One of the most effective ways people have found to sneak alcohol into venues was to disguise it in their luggage so as not to set off the metal detector or X-Ray Machine.

This is best achieved through the use of a plastic cruise flask like our Experts Only “Sneak a Drink” Flask Kit. The mostly clear, all plastic construction helps to trick the X-Ray machine into not seeing the alcohol in your bag. But there are some pretty specific instructions you need to follow to give yourself the best chance at smuggling your booze onto the ship.


1)  Fill the flasks only 80-85% and make sure that you get as much air out as possible. This helps the flask to stay flexible in your luggage.

2) Put each flask into a plastic zip-lock bag, for added protection. Our flasks are designed to be leak-proof, but you can never be too careful. Luggage attendants on cruise ships and flights are not known for being gentle with your luggage.

3) Wrap your Experts Only Flasks in your clothes or stuff them into your shoes, making sure to place your toiletry bag in the same area where you place the flasks in the luggage. This will help conceal the denser plastic cap among your toiletry items on the X-Ray scanner.

4) Spread your flasks among different suitcases for best chance of getting alcohol past the cruise ship personnel.


While we cannot guarantee that you will get your alcohol through, with these tips, you will definitely have the best chance.        IMG_0054

Tips for Sneaking Alcohol Onto A Cruise in Your Luggage