Experts Only “Sneak a Drink” Flask Kit Care Instructions



Care and Use Instructions

1.We know that as soon as you get your Experts Only “Sneak a Drink” Flask Kit, that you are going to want to get the party started immediately.  But prior to the first use, wash each flask and the included funnel out with soap and water.  We recommend to rinse out the flasks after each use and allow to air dry.

2. Each cap comes with a safety seal ring which needs to be removed prior to use. It is a small plastic ring on the base of each cap which needs to be removed in order to ensure proper closure of the flask. We recommend using scissors to cut the ring off, but it can easily be pulled off by hand.

3. Use the funnel to fill your flasks up to 85% full. Then carefully squeeze the flask to remove the air before putting the cap on the flask. This helps to ensure that the flask stays flexible.  Squeezing the air out also helps to preserve your wine longer.

4. Tighten the cap of the flask all the way down. If you aren’t sure, give the cap one extra twist for good measure.

5. Have a great time and stay safe.

If you are taking your flask kit on a cruise in your luggage, check out our tips for getting it through security safely.

Experts Only “Sneak a Drink” Flask Kit Care Instructions

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