Experts Only “Sneak a Drink” Flask

 Our premier product. Let us help you get your drink on for cheap, pick up a set of our flasks, and you can sneak your liquor just about anywhere!

IMG_0054♦♦ SAFE FOOD GRADE PLASTIC – Our liquor flasks are made with BPA Free Top Quality Food Grade plastic. They are safe for drinking water, but more importantly they are safe for your alcohol. You will only taste that smooth burning flavor of your favorite intoxicating beverage or cocktail, no more shampoo daiquiris from smuggling alcohol in your toiletry bottles!

♦♦ FUNNEL INCLUDED – Don’t spill a delicious drop of your favorite liquor or pre-mixed cocktail (Party Foul!)  We included a funnel in every kit.

♦♦ VERSATILE, DURABLE AND LEAK-PROOF – Our custom engineered thin and lightweight plastic is puncture resistant.  You will be amazed how durable our flasks are!  Just screw the caps on tightly, and you’ll be able to easily hide your alcohol on cruise ships, sporting events, concerts, golf courses, beaches, water parks, theme parks and more places where metal and glass are prohibited.

♦♦ WILL SAVE YOU TONS OF MONEY – Your new plastic flasks are reusable so you will realize all the money you have saved quickly after just one or many uses.  Throw one (or eight) into your suitcase. Save some money on your next cruise, concert or sporting event, and sneak on your booze! The flasks are a breeze to clean too – Simply wash out with soap and water after each use and air dry.

♦♦ NON-METALLIC and COLLAPSIBLE – These flasks do not contain any metal so they are perfect for concealing alcohol anywhere a metal detector is in use or where metal and glass are prohibited.  Lays flat when empty!

♦♦ CONFISCATION PROTECTION – If your flask is confiscated by cruise ship security, your new flask is on us!

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A Little History Lesson:

Prohibition in the United States was a terrible era, where liquor was still available but the prices were high. Social drinkers were forced to resort to going to speakeasies where illegal alcohol was brought in by rum runners from the bahamas. Smuggling alcohol by ship was common with some rum runners smuggling in over $200,000 worth of alcohol.

Now that has all changed, and we no longer need the rum runners to smuggle liquor for us! Now we have Double Black’s “Experts Only” Cruise Flask Kits to make that job easier.

Don’t go back to the prohibition era and pay high prices on your cruise ship just because it’s the only game in town. Use our handy hidden plastic flasks, to conceal your alcohol in your luggage, and then you can drink on the cheap!

 What’s Included:

In addition to your flasks, each of our kits also comes with:

(1) funnel to easily fill your flasks

(2) The sense of pride and excitement when you have successfully smuggled your alcohol through security!

Perfect for a Large Group:

Our “Experts Only” Kit is perfect for Frat Bros, Irishmen, general heavy drinkers, or large groups of friends.

IMG_0063For your reference:

A standard wine bottle is 25.4 ounces

A standard bottle of beer is 12 ounces

A shot of liquor is 1.5 ounces

Our alcohol flask kits can fit all of your alcohol needs! If you are extra thirsty, buy more than one! Check out our coupon codes!

Take them Anywhere:


These sneaky flasks won’t just sustain you on your epic booze cruise, they can also come with you to tailgates, camping, concerts, the beach, pool parties (they float!), Disney World, the mall, family dinners, wherever you might need a little pick me up.

Be Responsible:

Double Black want’s you to have a good time, but we also want you to DRINK RESPONSIBLY!

Make sure to always have a Designated Driver and follow all of the laws set out for you by whatever country you may happen to bring our flasks too!

Stop wasting money on expensive booze and buy your kit today! Cheers!

For Use and Care Instructions: click here.